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Why we created Building Passport.

Every building in the world is a unique and complex structure consisting of a multitude of materials and systems. Understanding a single building requires a vast amount of information - but where do you go to find it?

We created Building Passport to make building information management simple and to promote an enhanced understanding of our built environment for the owners and occupiers of real estate, but also for the emergency services. Our ultimate vision is to leverage building information to help prevent tragedies such as Grenfell Tower and to aid emergency services in their response to incidents.

Mission Statement.

We promote a better understanding of the built environment by making building information collection simple.


Our team.

We share a vision of a safer built environment and are working to create the world's leading repository of accurate building information. 

Rupert Parker 400x600.png

Rupert Parker


Founder & CEO

Noam Ben Tsion B&W headshot.jpeg

Noam Ben Tsion

MSc Computer Science, MBA


Dave Wardell_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dave Wardell


Will Gage_edited_edited.jpg

Will Gage

Head of Customer Engagement


Dom Haynes

Sales Development Representative

Patrice Archer 400x600.png

Patrice Archer


Non-exec Director

Want to join us?


We don't like using recruiters. We want people who want to work with us, not for us, and especially those who don't just 'want a job'. 

Feel free to get in touch and tell us what skills & expertise you can bring to Building Passport to support us in our mission.

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