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A series of guided walkthroughs of different elements of the Building Passport platform.




Find answers to common questions about Building Passport.




Where to find us and how to get in touch with us.


We have put together a series of instructional videos to help you get started with your Building Passport.

Basics, Accounts

Setting up your account


A step by step guide to creating your Building Passport account.

27 April 2021

Coming soon...

Basics, Building Passport setup

Creating a Building Passport


A walkthrough of the initial setup of a Building Passport, including address input, UPRN identification and building types.

5 May 2021 

Basics, Payment

Paying for a Building Passport


How Building Passport fees are calculated and how to pay.

7 May 2021

Coming soon...

Basics, Uploading files

Manual uploading of plans


Step-by-step guide to uploading your building and floor plans to your Building Passport.

14 May 2021

Basics, Uploading files

Manual uploading of documents


Step-by-step guide to populating your Building Passport with documents manually.

27 May 2021

Coming soon...

Basics, Notes

Using the notes section


What the notes section of your Building Passport is for, and how to use it.

10 June 2021

Coming soon...

Access Control

Controlling who has access


Looking at how to use the access control panel to grant or reject access to your Building Passport, and request access to others.

24 June 2021

Coming soon...


Using analytics 


Looking at the analytics panel of your Building Passport, including creating templates.

8 July 2021


Frequently asked questions.

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