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A series of guided walkthroughs of different elements of the Building Passport platform.




Find answers to common questions about Building Passport.




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We have put together a series of instructional videos to help you get started with your Building Passport.

Basics, Accounts

Setting up your account


A step by step guide to creating your Building Passport account.

27 April 2021

Coming soon...

Basics, Building Passport setup

Creating a Building Passport


A walkthrough of the initial setup of a Building Passport, including address input, UPRN identification and building types.

5 May 2021 

Basics, Payment

Paying for a Building Passport


How Building Passport fees are calculated and how to pay.

7 May 2021

Coming soon...

Basics, Uploading files

Manual uploading of plans


Step-by-step guide to uploading your building and floor plans to your Building Passport.

14 May 2021

Coming soon...

Basics, Notes

Using the notes section


What the notes section of your Building Passport is for, and how to use it.

10 June 2021

Coming soon...

Access Control

Controlling who has access


Looking at how to use the access control panel to grant or reject access to your Building Passport, and request access to others.

24 June 2021

Coming soon...


Using analytics 


Looking at the analytics panel of your Building Passport, including creating templates.

8 July 2021

Coming soon...

Uploading files, tagging

Tagging files


Create your own tags to enable custom file structures and to mark files for review or mark as approved.

23 October 2023

Basics, Uploading files

Uploading of documents


Step-by-step guide to populating your Building Passport via the multi-upload feature.

25 October 2023

Managing access

Manage access to files by user

Step-by-step guide to seeing and selecting which files other users of a Building Passport can see.

18 April 2024


Frequently asked questions.

Below are some common questions asked about Building Passport. If you can't find the answer to what you're looking for you can contact us using the form below.

  • Who owns a Building Passport?
    The ultimate ownership of a Building Passport sits with the party at the top of the hierarchy of ownership. For example, if there is no Freeholder inputted, the Building Passport will belong to the Virtual Freeholder or the Long Leaseholder.
  • What information do I need to create a Building Passport?
    As a minimum requirement, you will need the following to create a Building Passport: - Building name and address - Details of the building use (i.e. multi-let residential, retail, industrial, office etc) - Size of the building (for residential - how many units, for all other building types - area in sqm) - Your relationship to the building (i.e. owner, agent, Responsible Person in line with Regulation 38) - Landlord/owner contact details - Number of above/below ground storeys Optional additional information: - Floor plans (recommended) - Estimated number of residents/users - Estimated number of elderly / disabled residents/users - Any known issues with the building (e.g. cladding, asbestos etc) - Additional documents (warranties, EPC, fire strategy, completion certificate etc)
  • Do I need to create an account to create a Building Passport?
    Yes. Because we keep a historic record of every building we need to know who has uploaded information and where that information comes from.
  • Can I create an account on behalf of someone else?
    You can kick off the process of creating an account for another person / organisation, however they will need to complete the process themselves. As part of the Create a Building Passport process, you will be asked to fill in contact details of the relevant parties involved with a particular building. If that party is a building owner, they will need to confirm that all the information you have entered is correct.
  • Can I create Building Passports for my clients?
    In the event that you have clients who are building owners / dutyholders, you can create a Building Passport for them. The Create a Building Passport process includes a section to identify yourself and your client.
  • How do I pay?
    Our current payment system works through Stripe. Once you have created a Draft Building Passport, you can add it to your Basket and you will be able to click 'Checkout' to be taken through the Stripe payment page. At present the only method for purchasing a Building Passport is with a card, however we are currently building the capability to issue invoices for larger payments for building portfolios for example. Get in touch using the form at the bottom of the page for more information.
  • Who can see my Building Passport?
    As a building owner, you have control over who has access to your building information. We automatically allow access to emergency services and recommend that this access priviledge is not revoked. NOTE: Emergency services across the UK are currently being onboarded and it may be that your local emergency services have not yet adopted the Building Passport system.
  • Can one building have more than one Building Passport?
    No. Our Building Passports transcend ownership timescales and therefore once a building has a Building Passport, it will always have one. We file our Building Passports by UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) and our system ensures that no duplicates can exist.
  • What happens when a building is bought / sold?
    The ownership of the Building Passport will always lie with the building owner. As such, when a building is sold, the new owner requests that the Building Passport is transferred to their ownership. The new owner will then therefore have access to the entire history of that asset.
  • Can I enable prospective purchasers access to the Building Passport?
    Yes. You can give temporary read-only access to prospective purchasers, and be notified when they have accessed the Passport. NOTE: This feature is currently under development and due to be released soon.
  • What if I no longer want a Building Passport for my building?
    Once created, a Building Passport will be permanently and securely stored on our system. You can however control access to who can see this information.
  • Will my Building Passport be visible to emergency services from the day it is created?
    We are currently in the process of onboarding the national Fire & Rescue Authorities (FRA) in phase one of the onboarding project. As soon as the FRA responsible for the area in which your building lies has access to your Building Passport we will make you aware. Onboarding of additional emergency services will take place in phase two.
  • I have a draft Building Passport. Is this accessible by emergency services?
    Building Passports are only visible to emergency services i) once they are live (i.e. paid for and no longer in draft) and ii) once the local emergency services have created a free account.
  • I am the new owner of a building. How do I get the ownership of the Building Passport transferred?
    When a building changes ownership and the previous owner has not already transferred the Building Passport ownership to you, you will need to request that they de-list themselves as owner. This will enable them to list your details as the new owner - all they will need is your email address (if you already have an account), otherwise your name, email address and phone number.
  • I am getting an error when trying to log into my account
    If you are unable to log into your account but you are using the correct log in credentials, then it is likely that your internet browser is at fault as it is storing an old version of the Building Passport website portal. You can easily rectify the problem by following the instructions below based upon whichever browser you are using. For Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users: 1. Right click anywhere on the Building Passport login page and click ‘Inspect’. This will open another window, either alongside your browser window or as another window. Don’t worry about the code in this window - we aren’t looking at that. 2. Go back to the Chrome window and ensure you’re still looking at the Building Passport log in page. 3. Right click on the refresh button and click ‘empty cache and hard reload’. For Safari users: 1. Open the Safari Browser and click on ’Safari’ in the top left to bring up the Menu. 2. From the Menu go to Preferences. 3. Go to Privacy then click on Manage Website Data. 4. Type ‘buildingpassport’ in the search box. 5. Select the website and click on Remove. For Firefox users: 1. Start Firefox and click on the click on the three lines in the top right hand corner 2. Click on the Library button 3. Click History and then click the Show All History option at the bottom. 4. At the top right corner, type ‘buildingpassport’ in the Search History field, and press Enter. 5. Right-click on the site and select Forget About This Site Your browser will now have forgotten all the old information about this website and should now allow you to log in to your Building Passport account.
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