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Social Housing: Where To Focus?

In the UK, Social Housing owners and operators face numerous requirements in terms of compliance and various initiatives, both from a government level and more broadly. In this blog post we'll dive into these challenges and explore how Building Passport can support, ready to streamline and simplify your efforts.

There are 4 main areas that absorb much of the focus of those managing social housing portfolios, and these are as follows:

1. The Building Safety Act:

The Building Safety Act aims to ensure that residential buildings are safe for occupancy, with a particular focus on high-rise properties. Anyone that manages buildings is responsible for identifying potential risks, conducting thorough inspections, and taking necessary actions to mitigate hazards. However, tracking compliance across a housing stock can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with multiple systems and processes that lack standardisation.

2. Decent Homes Standard:

Every tenant deserves a decent and comfortable home, which is where the Decent Homes Standard comes into play. These standards require social housing providers to ensure that their properties meet minimum requirements for safety, thermal efficiency, and overall habitability. From addressing structural issues to enhancing energy efficiency, compliance with these standards is crucial. However, with diverse properties and differing requirements, managing and monitoring compliance with these standards becomes a complex and time-consuming endeavour.

3. The Fire Safety Act:

Fire safety is of paramount concern for any housing provider. The Fire Safety Act places a significant emphasis on preventing, assessing, and mitigating fire risks within residential buildings. From fire alarms and extinguishers to evacuation plans and fire-resistant materials, compliance with these regulations is essential. Yet, ensuring consistent compliance across your social housing estate can be a formidable challenge, especially when information is scattered across multiple platforms and departments.

4. Decarbonisation:

With the urgent need to combat climate change, decarbonising housing stock has become an imperative. Whether it's reducing greenhouse gas emissions or implementing renewable energy solutions, the pressure to transition to a low-carbon future is mounting. But tracking and monitoring progress across an estate can be an uphill battle given how bespoke this work often needs to be for each property.

So what can be done to make this all easier?

Building Passport provides a common data environment that consolidates all of your data in a single, accessible platform. It simplifies the tracking and monitoring of compliance across the Building Safety Act, Decent Homes Standards, Fire Safety Act, and any Carbon Reduction efforts, saving you time, effort, and headaches.

By digitising, standardising and centralising your data, Building Passport streamlines your processes; making it easier to identify gaps, prioritise actions, and ensure that all properties meet the necessary standards.

Say goodbye to the days of combing through multiple spreadsheets and legacy emails!

If you manage social housing then you undoubtedly have large burden of responsibility. However, with Building Passport, you can minimise your admin and navigate these challenges more efficiently.

So why wait? Implement Building Passport today and prevent future headaches.

Your residents deserve safe, comfortable homes, and Building Passport is here to help you deliver this.


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