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The home of accurate building information.

Store, organise and share your building information

to enhance safety, reduce insurance premiums and speed transactions. 

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Who is it for?

If you own, occupy or work with buildings as a contractor or advisor, Building Passport offers a simple solution to the common issue of finding and sharing information.


Watch our short introductory video for a simple explanation of how using Building Passport will save you time and money.

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How it works.



Our secure online storage enables you to store your building information digitally. A Building Passport, and its contents, exists alongside a building forever, no matter the owner. 



Use our file structure, drawn up by industry experts, to organise your building information. Use the analytics tool to benchmark your buildings and identify missing information.



Invite others to view and contribute to your building information for free. Transfer your Building Passport to new owners upon sale. Enable access for Emergency Services.

Clients & partners.

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Speech marks - grey.png innovative digital solution to record building information and provide it in a timely manner to fire and rescue services and building safety managers

Sir Ken Knight.

Former Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser for England

CROP Why should every building have one-

Why every building should have one.

Imagine a world where all building information was paperless and in one place, where conveyancing was no longer a headache, where assets could be more accurately valued and more speedily transacted.


Imagine what a difference it would make to know that emergency services had a thorough understanding of your building and its materials to help advise on reducing the risk of incidents and to respond with enhanced information in the event of an incident.


Welcome to a world with Building Passport.

What we do.

Our secure online storage allows you to go paperless and store building information digitally, throughout the lifespan of the building, even as ownership, management and tenancies change.

With imminent changes to legislation - putting a focus on the digital collection and storage of important building information - we help to identify the relevant information you may wish to keep, help you keep it up to date and make it easy to spot if you're missing something.

Additionally, we make sure that it is as simple as possible to share your building information with others at the click of a button. No more loaded emails or links to file transfer websites.

What our customers say.

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Tim Struth.

CEO, Quoinstone Investment Management

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As an owner and manager of commercial buildings, we’re delighted to have all of our critical building information securely stored in one place giving us control, visibility and ownership.  Our consultant team now know where they should go to find what they need, reducing email request traffic from the process!

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Iain Thomson.

COO, Assent Building Control

As Approved Inspectors we acquire a funnel of critical building and safety information. Creating Building Passports for our clients mean they never lose this information and can easily share it with professionals. It’s the first step in creating the 'Golden Thread of building information, highlighted by Dame Judith Hackitt to promote safety and transparency of information in the built environment.

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Jonathan Beswick.

Director, Adventure in Architecture

Architects spend too much time sourcing and managing building information. With Building Passport we can source information without hassling our clients, and they can find what they need faster and with less effort than contacting us for it.

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Adrian Love.

Director, Love Property

We love how simple it is to use. The biggest benefit for us is knowing that our information is up-to-date so that when we're ready to sell a building we don't have to wait weeks for solicitors to pull it all together.


Home owner, Surrey

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As a home owner it's a no brainer to collect my information digitally. I'm looking to sell my house soon and this will speed up the process substantially. I'm also confident I haven't lost anything!

Jeremy Pollen.

Director, Pollen Homes

Our primary aim is developing desirable and safe homes for our clients. Building Passport provides our buildings with a USP that the local fire and rescue services have access to important building information. This means they are better informed to advise us on prevention measures and therefore that our homeowners can feel safer in their new homes.

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Our guarantee.


We believe so strongly that you’ll find Building Passport useful that if, after 6 months, you are unhappy with the service, we will offer you a full refund.

Furthermore, we do everything we can to protect you and your information. Not only do we back up your data daily, but we are also fully insured against data breaches and in the unlikely event of Building Passport ceasing to exist, we promise to keep your building information available for you to download for a full year.


Pricing is based upon the type and size of your building. All prices are excluding VAT.


per unit per year


per sqm per year
*subject to minimum Building Passport cost of £20 + VAT per year

Additional benefits.


Due diligence.

Due Diligence prior to refurbishment / redevelopment. See previous iterations of plans, surveys and documents as far as our records go back.


Deal room.

Provide prospective purchasers/tenants access to current and historical plans, surveys and documents. Transfer ownership of the Building Passport to the new owner upon completion.


Save money.

Reduce cost of duplicate plans by updating the latest iteration. Share the relevant information with Tenants, Property Managers, Facilities Managers, & Contractors.



Have everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. Be confident that you're referring to the latest plans in legal documents.


Enhance safety.

Our vision is to create a safer built environment. Therefore Building Passports are freely accessible to emergency services.



Use your Building Passport as an alternative to file transfer services. Instead of uploading and sharing links to files, simply invite someone to the Building Passport.

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